Have you ever looked around and asked yourself if this is all you have in your life? The darkness. That lonely feeling you have in your chest. The continuous want for people who are interested in those secrets you keep hidden in the shadows. Right now that is all I can feel. I know that the darkness is closing in on my light. I was always told that if I couldn’t find any reasons to stay positive then to put my hand over my heart and know that my beating heart was the only reason that I needed. So as 2016 starts off as a new beginning for me. The start of getting back my light. I will be happy to meet anyone new. I am a very open person. My passion is pretty much anything to do with art. I am a technical theater major but I dip into everything. I have my tumblr hooked up to the tab  MIND so check me out. My instagram is my website name.(blvckgod3ss) Happy to be this class and ready to have some fun.


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