Wk12-Artist conversation-Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: TAU

Media: Paper and ink

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: letealeaf.prosite.com

Tiffany Le was raised in Gardner Grove California. She moved to Long Beach when she got accepted to CSULB. She started doing art at a very early age. She started off by copying images that she would see. She is about to be a graduate of CSULB and start the masters program for art. Le’s art represents her parents travel from Vietnam to America. Her art is story about her parents journey. It shows the hard things that she and her family had to go through  Tiffany also spoke about the education system and how it bothers her because her parents told her about the struggle of many trying to get to America.

Tiffany uses mainly paper in her art. In her floor display she uses folded origami. They were folded into origami boats which had sharp and clean points. She also used beautiful ink color to give her floor piece so more life. The color that were used were not color that is easy to get. These colors were like heavily saturated color that made her pieces pop. Even if one color was used for a piece there were different shades that just made everything flow with the piece. Like a dark blue for shadows and a light blue to give it some texture and make things seem more realistic. The pieces on the wall were not on the whitest paper but the paper added texture and made it seem like the pieces were popping out at you. The pieces looked like water in a way. It was  a very smooth and colorful.

Tiffany got a lot of inspiration from her family. Her father’s struggle to the us is what helped give the backstory to her medium scale floor piece. Knowing her background story really shed the light on her life and the hardships her family had to gpo through.It really made me understand the pain and sadness but also made me see the the hardwork that was put into her having a better life. This made me look at my life and made me realize how parents will go through a lot of hard things to make sure that they put their children first.

My experience of this piece dug deep in my heart and made me realize that no matter how much i try to hide the hardships my parents went through they did it so i can have a better life. Made me want to tell my stories too.  I thought that this is the art pieces that made me feel the most emotion that i have felt in a long time. Any artist that can bring out that emotion in me is someone who is a awesome and creative artist.



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