Wk15-Artist Conversation-Chelsea Blecha

  Artist: Chelsea Blecha Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic Media: Watercolor, Color Pencil, Acrylic on Wood, Ink on Paper Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West Website: chelseablecha.com Instagram: instagram.com/chelseablecha Chelsea is a senior who is about to graduate with a degree in Illustration. She made comments about her enjoyable journey at CSULB. She loved the […]

Wk14- Garden

So I have never been to the garden but this was so fun and cool. It had a beautiful place to walk around. Everything was just so great. The fish were my favorite part i just have this weird love for them and they make me smile. I really enjoyed myself this Thursday. It was […]

Wk12-Classmate conversation-Marlon

Marlon was born in DC. He lived in Kuwait for 16 years, came to the US in 2008. He went to Atresia High School. He is  6 year senior he is majoring in consumer affairs and mastering in Emergency management. He lives cerritos. His hobbies are fishing and hiking. his favorite food is sushi and […]

Wk12-Artist conversation-Tiffany Le

Artist: Tiffany Le Exhibition: TAU Media: Paper and ink Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery Website: letealeaf.prosite.com Tiffany Le was raised in Gardner Grove California. She moved to Long Beach when she got accepted to CSULB. She started doing art at a very early age. She started off by copying images that she would […]


During the instagram week i found it hard to decide what pictures should be posted and which ones i didn’t want. At first when i thought about it i wanted to do selfies of me and in different backgrounds, but then i realized that i am not  big person of selfies and that they sometimes […]

Wk9-Classmate Conversation-Andrew Hana

I got to know Drew Hana. He was born and raised in long Beach. He is a 5th year at csulb.He majors in Engineering major taking 18 units. Art 110 is one of his favorite classes this semester. He likes to play basketball and He likes to Skateboard. He is a big Laker fan. Kobe […]